Can You Build A Dream Lifestyle Online?

Posted On February 5, 2014

How To Build Your Dream Lifestyle?

If you have been searching how to make a living or even earn some spare cash online, then no doubt you have came across many stories and “Opportunities” to build your dream lifestyle online.

Promises of :

  • More Money…
  • More Time…
  • Stress Free…
  • Love Your Works…
  • Can Work Anywhere….

To most these seem like hyped up B*******!

Most actually are that, absolute BS, but some are genuine opportunities and can create you a dream business online.

The truth is everyone’s idea of a dream life is different, but what we all want is to be able to choose what we do and when we do it without having others or our circumstances control us.

For most people business means hard work, massive investment, huge risks and huge stress, even more true in physical businesses offline.

Yet there are people running multi billion dollar companies and they live a charmed life, how can this be?

Surely they feel the responsibility for hundreds or thousands of jobs under there control?

They must of had massive risks with investment, and been caused stress that would kill some people to get their business to this level?

How do these people have time to do as they please, why don’t they have to work every single hour of the day to keep their businesses alive?

Its true there must of been shaky moments in their business that meant they suffered like anyone that has tried to get a business of the ground, but they have competent staff they put in charge to do everything they don’t want to or have to for that matter.

Many small business owners with brick and mortar businesses cant work in this way as the cost has to coincide with what they could make from the job being done, and with massive overhead it usually isn’t that cost effective.

The common mistakes in building a dream lifestyle online.

When people start up online they hear so much information about what it takes and what needs to be learned, they get carried away trying to absorb it all with their initial enthusiasm and excitement.

They start by setting up websites, usually meaning learning some new skills like HTML, Graphic Design or WordPress etc, then there is the copywriting and content creation.

From here they start building products, creating pdfs, videos, slides, mindmaps or audios just to name a few.

They will of been doing research on what is needed in online business, what their market needs and also learning the new skills along the way to get these all put together.

Once that is done they then need to master traffic, will likely start on social media, start managing PPC ads and creating more content to drive the traffic.

This takes more research into skills and more learning to master them so they work.

They are likely to be spending lots of money on products just to get through these task and won’t of made much back in return.

They start getting even more mystified and buying more solutions, spending hours on end at their computer looking for answers and results.

They realise they are not getting anywhere but have now spent so much money they feel they can’t get out and quit, but are no further on to building what they dreamt or were promised.

The dream lifestyle seems further away than ever!

They are doing everything in their business, spending 10-15 hours or even more online everyday.

They are now getting desperate and chasing the money, not thinking logically and realising they are creating a monster not a dream.  When did the dream include hundreds of tasks and hours of work that you arent even good at on a daily basis enter the equation.

Due to their lack of business experience or lack of online business experience they are spending money on what isn’t needed and what will just load them with further things to do.

Worse still some are investing time that they will never get back, thinking that this is better than investing money as at least their other parts of their life won’t be affected.

Those choosing to spend money and time are at least likely to be moving in the right direction however slow it maybe, but those spending time rather than money could be in for a long haul, trying to master all what the ones spending money are, but having to find the information themselves for free instead of just sourcing a great well laid out course and working through that.

The fact is that neither should be working this way, you don’t need to master every part of your business to become a success, you master what you want too, what suits your dream lifestyle, then pay experts to do the rest!

Dont panic, this does not take massive investment…

Take a look on Fiverr, Elance or People Per Hour, these are micro jobs sites that you can get just about anything you need done from someone that knows how for very little, yeah its a small investment but likely less than the course to teach yourself and will take 5 minutes instead of hours of learning, the results will be better too!.

Why would you spend years of your life trying master everything, even if it were for free, hating every minute, when you can spend just a few hundred dollars and have something that brings a return within weeks or even less?.

Why people seek a New Dream Lifestyle?

  • Debts
  • No Time
  • High Stress Levels
  • No Spare Cash
  • Just Get By
  • No One To Answer To
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Don’t Have A Job
  • Can’t Find A Job
  • Can’t Treat Family Or Friends

So what is the solution to a dream lifestyle?

The solution to a dream lifestyle for normal everyday people is to build a digital business.

To do this you need 4 core elements…

  1. Massive profitable market.
  2. Digital products that solve market problems.
  3. Automated value/marketing funnel.
  4. Positioning under the buyers nose.

If you have experts create these elements then there is no need for hours of work, learning or stress everyday.

The business automatically works for you 24 hours a day, in whatever weather and no matter if your on the beach, in the bath or at your desk, it doesn’t matter.

This way you make money over and over, you pay people to do the simple jobs once and you earn profits for life, you have no long term commitments to them.

This enables you for massive profits on the small investments.

You then live you dream life stress free!.

I hope this has opened your eyes to why people are not gaining results  and a dream lifestyle online right from the start, let me know what been your biggest struggle getting started and i any of this rings true to you by commenting below.

Please help others by sharing and if you have any further questions feel free to ask them below too.



Written by Karl May

Karl May is an Online Business Expert with over 10 years experience managing and growing businesses online. Having helped businesses of all sizes, from home-based to large corporate brands in many different niches that range from Health & Fitness to Banking, Universities, Film and much more, he now wants to make it easy for ordinary people to leverage the power of Business Online to create THEIR OWN FREEDOM!

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