Business Mentoring – Is It Essential?

Posted On February 3, 2014

The Need For A Online Business Mentor…

when starting out online many people struggle, even when buying all sorts of information products to teach them how to become a success, they seem never to be able to get it put together in the right way.

These people struggling usually understand the need to invest in there knowledge of business or business online, as they generally have no experience prior to setting up.

The truth though is that they want to make money and not be spending it all the time and so because business mentors don’t come cheap they are usually not considered an option.

This is the wrong attitude if you want success quickly and easily, as a mentor will usually earn several times what they are paid back for the client in a short space of time.

Instead of struggling working through books and training courses, mentors can show you and inspire you into action, using their expertise and knowledge to keep you on the right track, training courses cant do this, as you are down to your own devices what you do.

Mentors will usually encourage you to spend and invest money rather than time in your business to get things done quickly and to a better standard than you might choose for yourself, as they are more confident a return will be made and by when, all because of their previous experience.

What mentors will do?

Mentors will help you overcome any problems quickly and efficiently, usually saving you money long term through mistake.

They will also show you new opportunities in your market long before people bring courses out about it, meaning you are working at a much more advanced level.

Acquiring the right skills and attitude in your business is essential, this is something mentors will help you with, even if it means hiring the right staff and not just working on learning the skills yourself.

Continuous progress is brought about by assessing goals and progress within a business, mentors will help you with this, unlike working alone or from books and courses where looking back and tracking progress always seem to get left as an afterthought.

How to choose your mentor…

You need a mentor to suit your needs, they need to be someone you can create a relationship with so it is enjoyable when you are working on your business and doesn’t seem like a chore.

Choose a mentor that has achieved similar goals to what you want to achieve, or gone down the same track.

If the mentor has experience of working in your market or with people in your market then that if a great bonus to hiring that mentor.

Make sure the mentor is not too busy to give you time at the times you need it, the last thing you want is to be waiting around for answers and delaying your results.

Take time before choosing your mentor and after you have hired them to engage with them on a regular basis and build up the relationship.

Mentors sometimes want to be on a very formal level, but this doesn’t suit everyone, a more casual relationship might bring about a better working relationship and results for certain types of people.

I think from this information you can probably see the major advantages of having a online business mentor to help you start up and grow your business quickly and efficiently to become a success.

Having them inspire you with there success, knowledge and associates, so you can grow until you reach their level, is a massive bonus to any small business owner.

Their knowledge which can help you build things correctly first time and rectify mistakes quickly can also cut the speed in which you become a success and see a return on investment.

Learning from books and courses simply doesnt offer this efficiency, meaning more stress and more work before you generate the success that is desired, if you ever reach that level at all.

So many people try on their own but eventually give up through frustration and lack of results.

Mentoring – the numbers…

Think about it this way, if you want to make $1,000 per month and learning from books and courses it takes 5 months to make anything and 7 more months to reach your target, meaning 12 months before you reach your goal, you have lost at least $5,000 in earnings and up to $12,000.

If you get a mentor and pay $2,000 but reach your target within 3 months, you have made $6,000 more by the end of the first year taking off the fee paid to the mentor, with less stress and quicker results.

I hope this has helped you see the reason why mentoring can help you build your business so much more quickly, often saving you money and actually bringing back much more profit over all.

If you would like to work with me as your mentor, please apply here and we will work out if we suit each other, I will create you a plan to move you forward even if you don’t decide the mentoring is suitable for you.

Please let me know in the comments your thoughts about this post.

Have you had mentoring before and how did that work out?

Pease help others you think this could help find us by sharing this using the buttons below, and if you have any questions, simply ask and I will answer them as soon as possible to the best of my ability.

Written by Karl May

Karl May is an Online Business Expert with over 10 years experience managing and growing businesses online. Having helped businesses of all sizes, from home-based to large corporate brands in many different niches that range from Health & Fitness to Banking, Universities, Film and much more, he now wants to make it easy for ordinary people to leverage the power of Business Online to create THEIR OWN FREEDOM!

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